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Consent form Surf Camp Rodiles

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    1) Students of SPECIAL SURF SCHOOL (hereinafter SSS) must be over 7 years old.

    2) I have been informed of the schedules and programming of the week and I assume that the instructors/monitors have a difficult job and will always seek the safety of the student, but they are not infallible.

    If, for meteorological reasons, at any time it is decided to cancel or interrupt the surf classes, for security reasons, an attempt will be made to recover those classes at another time of the week (but never outside the scope of the reserved week) and Other types of activities will be sought to carry out at those times.

    3) I declare to be informed that surfing is a risky sport and as such in its practice there is a possibility of possible physical injuries such as: breaks, bruises, accidents, paralysis, damage to the student himself or to third parties and even death that they cannot be attributed to personal SSS equipment.

    I understand that these risks are part of the activity and I have transmitted it to my tutor who participates in the surf Camp.

    The SSS school advises me professionally as much as possible, but I accept the natural risks derived from this sport, therefore, I release SSS from any responsibility derived from damage to the person himself or to other people.

    4). The student must respect the rest of the participants in the course and must comply with the instructions of their instructors; otherwise, the SSS school can expel the student, without refunding the money.

    Thus, in the representation that I hold, I assume responsibility for all those actions and/or omissions carried out or collaborated by my daughter@//tutelad@ disobeying the guidelines of those in charge of the camp, exempting the camp management and its instructors from any responsibility for them.

    They are informed and, they accept it, that the Student who does not comply with the rules established by the management and those responsible for the Surf Camp that are available to the client, will be penalized with 3 types of offenses: minor, serious and very serious, the latter being grounds for expulsion and abandonment of the surf camp, informing their parents or tutor of the reason for the sanction.

    5) In the event that my son/daughter/tutor suffers from some type of disease and/or allergy, and requires medication, I will expressly state it, informing the person in charge of the surf camp in detail about the medication that they must take during the week.

    Do you have any allergies or intolerances? *

    Do you need medication? *

    In the event of an accident, I also authorize the pertinent medical actions that the physicians at that time deem most appropriate.

    Students must carry their DNI and SANITARY CARD with them to expedite any procedure if there is an emergency.

    In case of an emergency, the family numbers indicated on the first page will be notified and we will take the student to be attended to, at the place I have chosen below:

    CHECK ORDER OF PREFERENCE, that is, if necessary, where you prefer to be treated:

    6) I declare that my ward does not have any physical (for example: epilepsy, heart problems...etc.) mental impediment, nor injuries that could endanger their integrity or that of the rest of the students and is SUITABLE for the practice of water sports.

    7) The camper can bring his material to carry out the sport and in case he does not have, he will be offered everything necessary for this purpose, and even if he prefers to use a type of material, he will have to abide by the recommendations of the instructor who It will guide you which is the best that adapts to your conditions. The camper is responsible for possible damages caused to the material.

    8) The SSS school does not assume any responsibility for the objects that the student carries with him (mobile phone, chargers, etc.) and could forget or lose during the camp, or were stolen or stolen.

    It is recommended to put the name on all the clothes or objects that you carry with you.

    9) It is reported that campers, upon arrival, will have to deposit their mobile phones or tablets and the surf camp monitors will take charge. They will have them for a few hours each day (usually after lunch and for a while, after dinner, but it will depend on the scheduled activities). Parents will be informed of a number for the person in charge of the surf camp where they can call and locate their children/ward at any time of the day. There are several reasons for this decision, on the one hand we want there to be more of a relationship between them without mobile devices that distract them and also out of respect for the other colleagues.

    10) That my son/daughter/ward has civil liability insurance (it is not mandatory, but it is recommended) in the event that my son/daughter or ward breaks something with classmates or an object in the house.

    For its part, Special Surf Camp has taken out civil liability and group accident insurance for teaching surfing.

    Civil Liability signed with the insurer Axa with policy no. or the person he represents to any claim by any type of route, that exceeds the amount indicated in the policy. In case of conflict in the interpretation or breach of the provisions of this document, both parties, waiving their own efforts if any, will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Cantabria.

    11) In the surf camp you can suggest activities with extra cost-charge (which will never be mandatory) contracted with companies outside the surf camp, which comply with the regulations, such as canoeing, paint ball, etc... These activities will be carried out as long as the majority of the students vote in favor and the students who do not want to do them can stay in the surf camp and will have surveillance in the surf camp and the option of other activities.

    I authorize my child or ward to participate in extra activities that are proposed in the surf-camp *

    In addition, we can go out to play games on the beach or surroundings, such as soccer, Bunker in the pine forests, and we can also leave the house to shop at the ice cream man.

    I authorize my child to take these trips outside the facilities *

    Me, Mr, Mrs with ID and email as (choose what applies) and how:

    I sign and declare that I have read and understood the conditions and regulations of SPECIAL SURF SCHOOL (Aloha surf S.L.) that are detailed in the previous lines.

    AND consequently I AUTHORIZE MY SON / DAUGHTER / TUTOR with DNI to participate in the Surf camp that takes place with Special surf school on Rodiles beach (Asturias), from to

    CONTACT DETAILS: (write in order that you want us to call)

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    INFORMATION AND CONSENT. Treatment of personal data of CLIENTS

    ALOHA SURF SL CIF/NIF B39831474 responsible for the treatment informs, in accordance with the provisions of REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 and Organic Law 3/2018 on data protection, that your personal data is processed for the purpose of:

    • Provide a service or supply a product.

    • Invoicing a contracted product or service.

    • Comply with the legal obligations imposed on the activity.

    • Send information about the products / services you have contracted.

    You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation of treatment, deletion, portability and opposition to the treatment of your personal data as well as revoke the consents that you have given or obtain more information, directing your request to info@specialsurf.com / LA IGLESIA VIEJA 205, 39318, CUDON (CANTABRIA).

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