English surfcamp

English surfcamp

Here you can read all information about our English surfcamp in Rodiles, Asturias. 

The school was created in 2004 by two of the most respected and charismatic surfers in Europe: the brothers Dani and Raul García who have been surfing for over 30 years, traveling the world looking for the best waves, succeeding in competition and simply enjoying the ocean and different cultures.

Throughout these years we have seen and been part of the evolution of surfing in Spain while playing an active role in the history of the sport in Europe.

We have dedicated our lives to surfing and for us it means passion and love of the ocean, fun, work, emotions, friends, travels, landscapes, health and feeling good.

Surfing is highly recommendable for anyone. You don’t have to be a champion to enjoy yourself at Special Surf; you decide how far you want to go.

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The Surf Camp 

All of the instructors and students of Special Surf agree that the best place to learn and progress quickly and effectively is in the Surf camp.  Special Surf School has been successfully running this surf camp since 2004, and every season we try to better ourselves so as to offer the best experiences to our clients.

We don’t just want to be a good camp; we want to be the best.  Our best voucher is the large number of students who return year after year and bring new friends. At Special Surf Camp we are a big family.


The camp is located in a chalet situated in a natural park at Rodiles Beach, near the town of Villaviciosa in Asturias. This is a very beautiful area with a beach which is perfect for the practice of surfing, both for beginners and experts. Rodiles is just in front of a small eucalyptus forest. There is no doubt that this is a natural paradise where one can relax and enjoy in the midst of nature.

We are located 9 km from the town of Villaviciosa and 22 km from the city of Gijón in Asturias.

How to get there 

You can get to the surf camp in different ways:

By car- Take the highway A-( (Autovía del Cantábrico) and take the exit 360 (Villaviciosa/Rodiles) and follow the signs to  Rodiles.

By bus or train: There is an Alsa bus-line and Renfe train services in Gijón and the city of Oviedo.

By plane: Arrival at the airport in Oviedo which is 5 min. from Avilés

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Características del Surfcamp:

6 rooms with bunk beds, 4 bathrooms, large kitchen, living room, porch and garage-distributed in two floors.

Garden with 2,500 square meters of flat land with fruit trees.

8x5 meter skate ramp, trampoline, volley ball net, football goals, and ping pong table.

47”plasma TV, DVD, PlayStation (monitored use), assorted surf and other films.

 Library with interesting books and surf magazines available for students.



Being a surf camp means that our main activity is surfing, however, we also have other activities. Some of these activities are designed to improve surfing techniques and others are just for pure fun.

Specific surf related exercises: Fitball, balance, and mental surfing.

Stretching: Specific stretches designed to rest correctly after surfing.

Lifesaving workshop:  Students are shown how to act in case of emergency in the water and are taught about currents, the waves, and basic first aid.

Shaping workshop: Students are taken through the shaping process from beginning to end with a professional surfboard shaper.

Photo workshop: Here, students who have a camera are taught to use it properly and given tips by our official photographer.

Skateboarding: Exercises on the ramp or downhill with carve boards.

Surf based Pilates: Specific Pilates exercises for improving surfing (check for availaibility of Pilates instructor)

Extra activities: In close proximity of the camp there are various options for extra activities such as: paintball, canoeing, golf, and Hawaiian dancing (consult prices).

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Weekly Planning


Arrival in the afternoon/evening (between 15:00-20:00) room distribution.

Walk around the area to become acquainted with the beach and surroundings.

Presentation of Staff and Students, explanation of rules and norms of the Surf Camp.


Monday to Friday


Weekly Planning

Wake up call at 9:00 a.m.


Distribution of groups according to surf ability.

Distribution of equipment according to physical stature of each student.

Theory: Observation of the conditions and group talk  (30 min.)

Practical class (2 hours).


Free time: Students can rest or play within the house and garden: playing ping pong, football, and volleyball. Tournaments are organized during the week.

Specific workshops: There will be different workshops  throughout the week: shaping, Pilates, photography, stretching, etc. 


Free surf session (2-3 hours) supervised by the staff so that students can put into practice all they have learnt in the morning class. The instructor will accompany the students at all times.

Games in the house, surf films, travel films, and video of the daily sessions.

Yoga and Pilates for surfing




Packing of suitcases and organization of departure

Diplomas, awards, and prizes given. Some prizes will be raffled amongst participants.

Official departure and end of camp (12:00) h.










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